In our joint efforts, the Amankora-linked , Kora Tigers Cycling Team (established in 2012) has set a goal to raise USD$250,000 for the Save The Tigers initiative. We ask that you consider joining us in our efforts to reach this target by matching our direct riding efforts
with a set cash amount per kilometre raced.

For the upcoming 2015 installation of The Tour of the Dragon race, the Kora Tigers are reaching out to a maximum of 200 donors
to make a USD$268 (268kms x USD$1 per km) contribution each to the Save The Tigers Fund.

For every USD$268 donation, you will be entitled to one raffle ticket that will be drawn at the end of race day on September 5, 2015
by Mr John Reed, Kora Tiger team rider, and County Manager of Amankora.


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