With habitats ranging from 100m to 4,100m, the biggest threat to Bhutan’s tiger population at this time is human-tiger conflict over the loss of farm animals to tigers that have resulted in retaliatory killing. With habitat loss and a subsequent reduction in natural tiger prey, this conflict will ultimately result in a regrettable outcome.

Under Save The Tigers, Bhutan’s national tiger recovery programme is initiating plans and platforms for habitat and species conservation, integration of tiger conservation and rural livelihoods, building institutional capacity for conservation studies, community linkages and sustainable financing. The immediate actions of this initiative include a formal tiger population census, creation and protection of wildlife (tiger corridors), community habitat management, poaching awareness and reduction, and the raising if financing for sustainable trusts for the overall programme initiative.

The Save The Tigers initiative aims to raise over USD$6 million over a five to eight year period to ensure that these objectives are met, with an ultimate goal of doubling Bhutan’s tiger population by 2025.


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